Food & Drink: Wil Hodgson's Braw Breakfasts

Review by Wil Hodgson | 30 Jul 2010

I always get tattooed at least three times in Edinburgh, which requires a good breakfast beforehand. I usually go for the Canongate Café which is on... well, Canongate and close to Studio XIII where I get tattooed. I always go for the American Breakfast with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. I like a full English as much as the next man, but a good American Breakfast is pretty skill too and makes me nostalgic for childhood Floridian holidays. Few places in the UK do them well, so I salute the Canongate Café for bucking the trend of breakfast-based anti-Americanism.

Kilimanjaro on Nicolson Street does a really good healthy breakfast with yoghurt and stuff but you can't have needles stuck in you with just muesli and yoghurt in your system. So in conclusion, if you're getting Care Bear tattoos done, have breakfast at Canongate Café – but if for some bizarre reason you're not, then you could try Kilimanjaro, I guess.

Wil Hodgson: Punkanory
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