Food & Drink: Thom Tuck's nightlife

Review by Thom Tuck | 30 Jul 2010

Having lived in Edinburgh for six years (none of this "one month a year" stuff here!), I've had ample opportunity to sample the nightlife. If you want to start off in a bar, Dragonfly just off the end of the Grassmarket can do no wrong.

Moving on, just wander down the Cowgate (wearing your non-fighting face) and find yourself at Cabaret Voltaire on Blair Street. It's cracking but only a wee place, so you're advised to get in early. My friend Ian often used to front Trouble (the now sadly defunct drum and bass night) and now performs as one half of the excellent band The Correspondents, who often crop up doing spots during the Fringe. Do catch their swing-hop happiness if you can.

Below Negociants (opposite Pleasance Dome) there is the Moroccan-themed club, Medina. The music there is wildly different every night, so check before you go. The atmosphere is always great, being as it is a carpeted subterranean bunker with three or four awesome private caves. Again, get there early to bag one.

Finally, if you've managed to party your way through the extended August opening hours, wander about for an hour until the Scotsman's Lounge opens at dawn and enjoy a pint of Guinness with the postmen. Delightful.

The Penny Dreadfuls
Pleasance Courtyard
4-30 August, (not 17), 6pm, £12-£14