Dance Base presents ... GLOBAL

Four companies from across the world join for a intelligent and hypnotising piece of dancing

Review by Louise Black | 10 Aug 2007

Dance Base presents: Global is an eclectic mixed bill of dance and choreography. Bringing together four companies from Korea, America, Scotland and Denmark to dance in one space, the programme created is diverse and exciting.

The uncomfortable heat of the venue is forgotten when Priya Shrikumar takes to the floor, draped in gold and red. Bells jangle entrancingly on her every limb as she entices the audience in the suggestive first piece Devi.

However, it’s the second piece, Somewhere Else, which steals the show. The masked dancer, Jukyong Kang, prowls around the floor, jerking and twisting through the crashing music, as the piece develops into an explosive piece of theatrical dance. The mask prevents any human connection with the dancer, forcing the audience to connect instead with the movement.

This piece continues to excite as the mask disappears and another dancer, Vanessa Coalhole, emerges gracefully from the wings. The transition between solo and duet happens effortlessly. With incredible poise and enviable strength, the two girls lose themselves in the music, taking the audience with them in this piece of intelligent dancing.

A Hundred Miles and Rankefod certainly have a hard act to follow. And although these final two pieces deserve a mention, standing strong on their own merits, it’s Somewhere Else that clearly stands out as the highlight of the show.