Adam Hills: Joymonger

Proving that funny material needn't always be abrasive, Adam Hills wins plenty of friends this festival

Review by Amy Cook | 06 Aug 2007

In the week that has seen comedian Phil Kay sit naked amongst his audience and Christians boot Barry Fox out of his venue for lines about tits, it's not unreasonable to expect almost every comedian on the Fringe to spring nudity or profanity on their unsuspecting audiences.

Adam Hills is not such a man. With material largely based upon cultural observations, Hills' wholesome brand of humour sparks the type of relationship with his audience not seen elsewhere in the Fringe. Firing out questions to involve and befriend the front row, rather than abuse and demean them, Hills never approaches the type of audience bating which fashion decrees is required.

Probably one of the most likable comedians at the Fringe, listening to Hills is a little like going for a beer with the funniest guy you know; he’s not trying to be funny – he just is. It is this natural talent that keeps the show moving along at a considerable pace, generating laughs in all the right places.