A bunch of fives - Skinnyfest

Feature by No byline | 14 Aug 2006
Last year we dished out our prestigious five-star palm to the most gifted comedy shows Edinburgh could offer. This year, some of them have returned in hope of further stellar titillation. They are:

Mark Watson
Last year we said: "The show simultaneously gives the impression of being on the verge of total collapse and of being utterly under his control"

"Extravagant displays of martial arts prowess combined with perfect comic timing"

Penny Spubb
"It's like Beckett on drugs - surreal but never alienating"

Toulson and Harvey
"The pair's debut sketch show is one of the best that Edinburgh's seen recently"

Jimmy Carr
"Strings of exquisite and generally rather tasteless one-liners"

Demetri Martin
"A comic at the top of his game"

Sean Collins
"Collins really is a breath of fresh air"

Which comic genii will tickle our five-star instrument this year and win this FAB graphic? Nobody knows! That's the great joy of the Fringe! That, and experimental theatre actresses getting their lovely boobies out in the name of 'Art'! On with the shows!
Jump - Martial Arts Comedy, Assembly Hall, August 4-28, 16:30/17:00, £13/£12/£5 (£12/£11/£5)
Penny Spubb's - Prawn Free, see page 7 for preview and show details
Toulson and Harvey, Pleasance Courtyard, August 2-28, 17:45, £9.50/£8.50/£5 (