A Beginner's Guide to German Humour!

The pair flit between Wehn's well-observed deconstruction of Anglo-German relations and good old-fashioned beer hall entertainment

Review by Dominic Hinde | 06 Aug 2007

Henning Wehn is the self appointed German comedy ambassador to the United Kingdom; Otto Kuhnle is a German TV comedian and expert yodeller who doesn't understand Britain and who is deeply perplexed by the lack of genders in the English language.

Together the pair are extremely funny as they flit between Wehn’s well-observed deconstruction of Anglo-German relations and good old fashioned beer hall entertainment from lederhosen clad Kuhnle. The pair tell jokes about goats being dragged behind trains, Fresians climbing trees and Stuart Pearce as they attempt to educate the audience on German humour whilst picking holes in British comedy traditions. This educational journey includes the realisation that laughing about failure is not funny; that the United Kingdom is guilty of hideous sausage crimes; and that the royal family are in fact Hanover fans when it comes to football.

Ruthless efficiency ensures that an hour fits in as much laughter and entertainment as possible whilst making the relatively serious point that Britain is just as laughable as Germany. An extra bonus is the distribution of sausage and schnapps to the best performing members of the audience. A cursory knowledge of German makes the show slightly easier to watch but even those less familiar with the 'Fatherland' will find themselves slapping leather-wrapped thighs.