William Andrews: Nitwit

Article by Rebecca Gordon | 18 Aug 2009

William Andrews is like a one-man comedy band. With a box. Taping the microphone to his head and launching into an impromptu mini-rave, strobe lights and all, boiler suit-clad Andrews makes it clear from the outset that he’s about twenty miles from the beaten stand-up path. A high-octane flux of nonsense, Nitwit embodies a non-educational Sesame Street, an illogical hotchpotch of sketch and media, with Andrews morphing between completely disconnected characters for no apparent reason. With the aid of his centre-stage visual apparatus (a tv in a box), the sometime kids’ tv performer stages a meticulously timed routine, involving much, often remarkable, interaction with his multimedia prop. But, while the inanity is different, it’s not altogether graspable humour, and after a few dozen zany sketches, you’re left wondering just how funny the real William Andrews is.

If anything, Andrews is an individual performer, whose effort to stand out from the increasingly dour stand-up elite is commendable - watch out for a particularly spectacular finale.