Wild Colonial Boys

Article by Erin McElhinney | 10 Aug 2009

You know that rule about things coming along in threes? These guys are a prime example. Just when you’ve been waiting for a decent Australian comedian for a little bit too long, three come along at once.

There’s always a slight wariness when going to a multiple act show: the assumption’s hanging that at least one’s going to be a bit weak. Any of these gents would have a good chance of pulling off a show solo, but put them on the same bill and together they make sweet, sweet comedy music.

Damian Clark’s relaxed introductory set actually makes the audience interaction section of the night seem new and fresh, hyperactively bouncing from person to person in a way that very quickly creates that key inclusive group dynamic. Marcus Ryan then is contrastingly languorous with a drawled laidback charm that belies the quick wit underneath, while unofficial headliner Ro Campbell bears a striking resemblance to the wild-eyed guy trying to flag down already occupied taxis at 3am on a Sunday morning. With an unassuming ‘I’ve been round the block a few times’ air, he goes for wry cheek over energetic jokes, causing groans and belly laughs in equal measure.

The Colonial Boys are well worth looking up. Let’s hope they don’t go home anytime soon.

Wild Colonial Boys Stand II 7-30 August (not 17), 23:35 Ticket £8/£7