Wendy Wason's Flashbacks

Article by Lizzie Cass-Maran | 22 Aug 2011

Heavily pregnant Wendy Wason's show is quite cleverly conceived (no pun intended). She looks back at incidents that have shaped her life thus far and there's something about her imminent labour that lends extra weight to the concept. Essentially, it is just an extended set, but it works, the Flashbacks concept tying it nicely together; it neither tries too hard to fit a theme, nor meanders off course.

She doesn't labour the point of her pregnancy too much, either, which provides reassurance that her impending motherhood is an incidental fact, not something played for a gimmick.

Wason is charming and sections are beautifully nostalgic, if a section playing songs from her iPod seems clumsy and unnecessary. Her show may not be the place to go if you're looking for subversive, political or ground-breaking comedy, but as far as a cosy and funny afternoon out is concerned, you couldn't go far wrong in Wason's company.

Wendy Wason's Flashbacks, Stand II 3:30pm until 28 August £8(£7)