Voodoo Revue

Article by Cara McGuigan | 24 Aug 2011
  • Voodoo Revue

If cabarets were bags of Revels, Voodoo Revue would be devoid of coffee ones. This is possibly the best cabaret I’ve ever been to, with over an hour of top-notch acts ably compered by Ray Gunn and Luke Reel, a super confident, fast paced, mash-up-singing duo resembling a pornographic Tigger and Justin from The Darkness.

There are a lot of acts, including juggler Mat Ricardo, and his seemingly floating cigar boxes; Gypsy Chance and Viva Misadventure playing a pair of thieving can-can dancers; the razor blade gulping Amelie Soleil; and Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, banjolele-ing his way through a routine of clippedly annunciated nineties dance music.

Act of the night, though, was Patti Plinko and the Maddening, a Gogol Bordello style pirate punk band, who rolled and stomped and stumbled round the stage, and consisted of two blokes on guitar, an insanely hot girl on violin, and a small, pretty girl who opened her mouth and howled like a heartbroken Tom Waits. Not strictly comedy, but the grin didn’t leave my face for the entire night. Brilliant.

Voodoo Revue, The Voodoo Rooms, 20:10, £12