Unsupervised Detention

Article by Edward Whelan | 18 Aug 2009

Leave four pupils in detention for an hour and what do you think they’re going to get up to? They’re going to mess about, pull faces, throw things and make fun of people they don’t like. Unsupervised Detention involves all these thing and more in a quick fire collection of sketches and brilliant comic songs. They take a silly idea and run with it, playing out the ridiculous with a straight face and good comic timing. All four performers are able comedians, jumping in and out of character easily and needing next to no props to create a scene. The sketches are formed from strong comic ideas and while most are played out to the hilt, other times you feel you are seeing only the first draft. But they are an entertaining bunch and know how to play to their strengths. They draw the audience into their games and we left feeling like very naughty pupils indeed.