Tom Webb's Wedding

Review by Dima Alzayat | 08 Aug 2013
  • Tom Webb - Wedding

In a waistcoat and handing out Mallomars as Mendelssohn’s Wedding March plays on, Tom Webb welcomes us to a celebration of his nuptials. His father has an MBE, which means he can get married in St. Paul’s Cathedral – if only he can find love.

Webb has an ebullient charm that quickly wins the audience over, but silly puns and mildly raunchy jokes keep him from getting big laughs. Astute observations on the harrowing conventions of courtship and marriage, brimming with self-deprecation, are enough to keep everyone who’s ever been in love or lust entertained.

The highlight of the show has Webb acting out a stag do. He dons a blonde wig and fake breasts, and downs two pints as LMFAO’s Shots plays over the laughter. In that one minute, Webb captures the bizarre traditions that come with love and dating.

It’s the heart of Webb’s show that makes up for its shortcomings; by the end, it’s his love of comedy, and not a future wife, that is the real celebration.  [Dima Alzayat]



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