Tom Webb: MegaGames

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 18 Aug 2012
  • Tom Webb: MegaGames

The Olympics may have ended but, in a tiny room in the back of a pub in Edinburgh, Tom Webb is working hard to feed Britain's hunger for sporting glory. He's done so by preparing a selection of daft games for us, such as Mega Top Trumps, Mega Hungry Hungry Hippos and Mega Guess Who, and not only do audience members get to play but we often find ourselves being the actual game, such as in an unforgettable version of Battleships which involves hunting for people with iPhones.

The comedy part of the show hangs on Webb's patter and thankfully he is dynamite, wrangling a laugh out of every single audience chat. This tiny, beardy man has funny bones and incredible energy, and he beautifully manufactures that stupid, giddy feeling you get when you're drunk in a pub with your best mates and one of them says, "hey, you know what would be REALLY fun?"

An incessant sugar rush of a show, Megagames is one of the most mega fun and mega silly things in town. Mega recommended.

MegaGames with Tom Webb, Dragonfly, until 25 August, 17:30, Free