Tom Goodliffe: All in Good Time

Review by Roxane Hudon | 13 Aug 2012

Affable, amiable, lovable, friendly, are some of the adjectives Tom Goodliffe says have been used to describe him, and it’s difficult to disagree. The very tall comedian, barely fitting in his own venue, greets each person in the room by giving them a small sticker of his face and assuring us he will save us by holding the ceiling if there is a natural disaster.

Goodliffe, like many great men before him, explores the concept of time and his bad habit of procrastinating, but, of course, the show becomes about everything but that, from anecdotes about his father to strange holidays celebrated around the world. This leads to a variety of hilarious scenes, including Goodliffe rapping about physics, personifying different types of clocks and acting out a private pig party.

He links each vignette by pretending he is about to actually start talking about procrastination, but then moving on to another topic, which is quite an obvious gag and we all guess how the show is going to end at that point. Does time run out? Guess! But, still, you have to respect a comedian who makes trigonometry seem hip. Interesting, smart and often a little bit silly. 


Tom Goodliffe: All in Good Time, Just the Tonic at The Tron, until 26 August (not 14), 15:40, £6.00/£5.00