Toby: Lucky

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 09 Aug 2011
  • Toby skecth group - Lucky

Toby are two sisters doing a show about two sisters doing a show about two sisters... look, it's complicated so you really will have to pay attention.

Lucky is about Sarah and Lizzie, the sisters who have been in competition their whole lives and destroyed each other in the process. Sarah is a neurotic extrovert, recovering from a crippling addiction to Haribo; Lizzie is a sweet, talented near-mute, utterly defeated after years of Sarah's psychic attacks. Together they present the story of their childhoods, Famous First Words, within which are some sketches about death, disappointment and hatred.

Toby signpost their different layers by carefully varying the tone. The sketches contain the morbid surrealism of Chris Morris's Jam; Famous First Words is like a slapstick Mommy Dearest. Lucky, the 'real' show, is genuine horror, with some seemingly deliberate nods to Blair Witch and The Ring. The climactic moment of Lucky involves Lizzie bursting straight through the fourth wall in a scene that is ultimately hilarious, but only after it's caused the audience a moment of genuine upset.

This show is a frighteningly accomplished piece of work, meticulous in construction and flawless in execution. You will be urged to pick a side in this ongoing war. Unlike their parents though, you will probably end up loving both sisters equally.

Toby: Lucky, Pleasance Courtyard, 5-29 August (not 15th), 16:30, £9/£9.50