The Wrestling @ Pleasance Courtyard, 18 Aug

Brendon Burns, Aisling Bea, Milton Jones and Bridget Christie all make appearances at this year's Wrestling event. Edinburgh's foremost canine reviewer Fringe Dog gets to grips with a "5star show"

Review by Fringe Dog | 20 Aug 2015

as a profesional dog reviewer i should not let personal taste cloud judgement – it not about me ,it about the briliant work and craft of performer . havin said that ,one of my favourite things is havin a wrestle !! o boy ! when not in edimbrugh ,my owner takes me to doggy day care once a week ,where there are twenty other dogs in a garden ,and we spend whole day jumpin on each other and pushin each other on their backs !! i went to see max and ivan's 5star show ,the wrestling ,and it was just like that !!! o boy !!

max and ivan (5star dog names) were first on with grudge match ,and o boy they had all the moves ! it look like they were almost gettin hurt ,but dont worry ,they were consumate professionals ,they ok !! it very suspenseful and entertainin ! this grudge match set up the narative arc for the evening ,it was very cleverly worked out !!!

then the main event ,presided over briliantly by brendon burns ,andrew maxwell, matthew crosby and nick helm ,all amazin 5star funnies !! o boy !! twenty person battle royal ,like a big mixture of breeds all havin a play fight – there were big wrestler men that look like staffies (although they are actually a gentle breed ,and i bet wrestlers are in real life too) one big large man called bulk who was like a bull dog who had too many biscuits !! brendon burns said bulk was "one of finest athletes in the world" ,it was very funny because he was a big fat man ,it was good joke ! but i hope it not hurt bulk's feelings ,5stars to him.

first up in battle royale was mike wozniak as british squadron leader versus evil prince of mumbai rishi ghosh . it had uncomfotable colonial under tones but was still very funny ha ha !! then i lose track ,so many briliant wrestling !! but highlights include aisling bea showing smaller breeds can be vicious too !! milton jones ,playin role of cautious older dog ,didnt do much but still hilarious !! cameo from bridget christie as executioner – o boy very scary ,5stars to all of them !! joe lycett was like an elegant greyhound ,he was above such things as wrestling but still took opportunity to plug his show – 5star self promotion from him !!

what a night was had by every one !! true spirit of fringe ! in the end ,they are all winners ! but mostly ivan because he won the wrestling .