The Wonderful World Of Wilfredo

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 13 Aug 2012
  • Wilfredo

Matt Roper's character Wilfredo is a grotesque, with the teeth of Janet Street-Porter, the hair of Patrick Troughton and the monstrous ego of Cristiano Ronaldo. But he's also a lover, a poet and a swoonsome troubador. This is a show about contradictions and balances and Wilfredo maintains the equilibrium with a casual grace.

Wilfredo is here to share the story of the Andalucian gypsy who prophecised that he would grow up to be the world's greatest entertainer. She wasn't far off. Accompanied by his Uncle Ignacio (superb classical guitarist Kris Howe) Wilfredo talks us through the highlights of his career, including his time spent studying at the feet of Serge Gainsbourg and his disastrous affair with Angelina Jolie. It's a strange blend of obnoxious, almost Sadowitzian humour and exquisitely beautiful music. This is a man who can try to seduce every woman in the room while singing a romantic ballad about female masturbation. No small feat.

It's a remarkable piece of comedy cabaret and absolutely perfect for anyone looking to laugh while unwinding with a glass of red wine. It could also be recommended as the perfect gig for a date, although he might steal your woman away. It's all rather seductive. What a wonderful world.

The Wonderful World of Wilfredo, Just The Tonic, Just The Tonic, until 26 August (not 14), £9.50/£8.50