The Wireless Podcast

Review by Elaine Reid | 09 Aug 2013
  • The Wireless Podcast

Sit back and watch the drama unfold as the audience write the script for four suave voice actors at the helm of your imagination.

The script changes each night based on audience input, taking you on a live 50s radio broadcasting adventure, in any direction and to any country, with four fine funny chaps assuming a variety of roles from dueling butlers (off with his tails!) to asthmatic ducks and museum curators. Tonight it involved travelling, shampoo, a feline oesophagus and Easter Road in audience-titled The Holy Stadium.

With basic sound effects their only back up, they rely on speedy wit and their sound man, who is pulled into the comedy fray throughout. With a changing performance, it's never going to be squeaky slick, but they do a great job of keeping the action moving and the audience entertained.

At the halfway point they even break into song; the subject again randomly selected by the audience, and tonight involving a bunny rabbit and a trampoline (we enjoy making it as challenging as possible).

The comedy is clean, quick and witty; a fine evening frolic. 


The Free Sisters, Until 25 Aug, 7.30pm, Free