The Tim Vine Chat Show

Article by Victoria McGilp | 08 Aug 2011
  • The Tim Vine Chat Show

Audience participation is not for every comedian. Remembering material is difficult enough without inviting strangers in on the act. However Tim Vine, a former Perrier award winner, is not opposed to a challenge and with his new show he uses the public to great effect.

Beginning with his one-liner stand up, he raises the mood of the crowd to giddiness with a hail of quick-witted quips, before sitting down to chat with the chosen few audience members who submitted their request to go on-stage to see Vine.

Holding a conversation with a comedic stalwart in a packed venue would be daunting were it not for Tim’s affable nature and light hearted teasing. His sixth sense for reading a crowd and filling a gap with a well thought out gag means there is never time for the crowd to come down from their humour induced high, making the hour fly by.

At a time where shock value is rife in modern comedy, Vine has kept his jokes light, clean and wildly funny. The man who broke the record for the most jokes told in an hour (499) has still got it...and then some.

Rich Hall, 3-29 August, Pleasance Courtyard. 13:45. From £7