The Thinking Drinker's Guide to Alcohol

Review by Kate Russell | 09 Aug 2012
  • The Thinking Drinkers

It’s clear from the off that these guys know their stuff about alcohol. They also know that giving out free beer is a very smart way to start a Fringe show.

Handing out bottles of beer changes the atmosphere of the room – everyone is talking and sharing with strangers, creating a buzz and getting everybody ready to laugh. And it doesn’t take long – both Tom and Ben have such easy charisma it’s impossible not to warm to them.

The show takes us on a historical journey through the life and times of alcohol, from the very first brewers through to the modern artists who swore by it. There are some fantastic surprises, and even a quick brewing lesson, but the true beauty of this show is that it is actually very interesting. While you’re laughing at Tom and Ben’s down-to-earth, spot on everyman humour, you’re also secretly learning some pretty cool things you can whip out at the next pub quiz.

For me, a show ain't a show without a groan or two, and there are a couple of those knocking about. There's also some excellent quality booze, and  a couple of surprises for good measure (groan).

A Fringe gem, definitely not to be missed.


The Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol, Assembly Rooms, until 26 Aug (not 13), 5.15pm, £10/£9