The Terriers: Fringedog's Edinburgh Fringe Awards

hallo and hooray !!! its time to announce the categories for the fourth annual terrier awards

Feature by Fringe Dog | 26 Jul 2019
  • The Terriers: Fringedog's Edinburgh Fringe Awards

best buried bone

you know when you dig a hidey hole so good you cannot remember where it is ??? this award is for a comedian who has gone underground like that. an underrated underdog who courts no publicity, in a venue so well concealed we’re not sure where we've left them. we may never find the winning comedian, and they may never know they won award !!!

best 5star review

it give me great pleasure to recognise journalism for the first time in these awards !!!

theres one billion trillion stars in the observable universe .yet only four~hundred 5star reviews were published at last years fringe !!!

just as dogs respond to positive reinforcement ( usually biscuit !!!) this award is to encourage critics to observe reality better and write more accurate reviews.

(note: critics may enter as many times as they write 5star reviews !!!)

best forth rail bridge

this award will go the show with the most unique narrative structure !!!

least dogmatic comedian

it was the poet wb yeats who wrote: 'the best lack all convictions and the worst are very naughty...'

we all know what he meant by that. he was saying that it isn’t easy to be easy going. if you're the sort of person who isn’t a biscuit-miser, who shares biscuits liberally, i bet people tell you that you're soft in the head –even when your biscuits are very crunchy !!! this award will go to someone who is gentle and kind in a headstrong era !!!

best kennel

this award goes to the most accessible venue —for dogs !!!

best hairy basket

some comedy shows only take a comedian and a microphone to be very brilliant. others involve all kinds of props and perishables strewn all about the place. this award will recognise that kind of show, one that leaves the most debris onstage –a 5star mess in pursuit of 5star comedy !!!

(note: all mess must be made during the comedy show only. general litterin, street flytippin' and trips in the car to the dump do not qualify your show for hairy basket award. edimbrugh city council have been very clear about this.)

best fringe show of the decade

o boy its the last edimbrugh fringe of the decade, the decade we havent worked out the name of !!! some say its the teens but the decade started earlier than that !!! in 2010 there were already briliant fringe shows like 'words, words, words' by bo burnham or the first 'the wrestling' by max and ivan in 2011 . this award is for you to share your favourite brilliant fringe shows from 2010-19 with me on twitter.  do @ me !!!

love from fringe dog

the winners for the fourth annual terrier awards for comedy, theatre and journalism will be announced at on friday 26th august in the mornin if we are awake.