The Pin

Review by Sarah Sharp | 06 Aug 2012
  • The Pin

Three guys. One story. Infinite facial expressions.

If Sherlock were a sketch show, it would be The Pin. Watch as they start from the ending, rewind, fast forward, cut back and forth and hop in and out of timeframes to put together the pieces of the puzzle. After a quick warm-up set of sketches to get us in the mood, we plunge into the overarching narrative that will carry us to the end of the show. A bundle of interconnecting stories intercut with TV shows, news reports, film snippets and showreels, it’s a fast-paced medley that keeps you teetering (and tittering) on the edge of your seat. Much more than just funny men, these three are astute actors that can summon up a myriad of worlds in a matter of seconds.

Refreshingly clever but never obnoxious, The Pin are so good it might actually make you sick. They stay rooted in the basics of the simple punchline sketch whilst pushing the limits of the genre to the next level. Slick, silly, sometimes subtle, sometimes not – but always marvellous, always surprising. Make sure you don’t miss them.

The Pin Pleasance Courtyard Until 27th Aug 16.45 £8.50/£7.50