The Oxford Imps

Article by Becca Pottinger | 12 Aug 2009

The swathes of spotty students that run up and down the Royal Mile claiming to be this year’s most original improv group really make you wonder if anyone actually gets the point. For the sake of precious free time and dwindling ticket funds, the Fringe is the rare month that I forgo my stance on educational elitism and, with a sense of heinous guilt, huddle comfortably into the bosom of Oxbridge academic bias.

As you’d hope, The Oxford Imps have an arsenal of vocabulary at their disposal, coupled with ADD levels of enthusiasm. Their sets follow standard improv game formats, which they vault between with relative ease. Where they fall down however, is in their timing. Unproductive tangents tend to wither on and, consequently, the momentum suffers. Hopefully though, with a bit of fine-tuning and the confidence of another fortnight’s performance under their belts, the Imps should be in full devilish flow by the end of the Festival.