The Muffia: Tight Women

Article by Becca Pottinger | 18 Aug 2009

If the girls from The Muffia were your mates you would be pissing yourself. Their show is made up of the kind of skits, rants and songs that are bloody hysterical at one in the morning around a boozed up dinner table. In the context of a mid-afternoon festival show, to an audience of six sober middle-aged women on a day trip from Fife, though – not so great. Playing off the idea of ITV’s Loose Women, Katie O’Brien and Sinead King warp gender stereotypes, bashing media representations of women via a host of awkward rape fetish gags and songs about Clint Eastwood’s balls blowing in the wind. It’s a valiant attempt at a Smack the Pony-esque tirade on contemporary culture and one that they’ll hopefully not give up on.