Fringedog's Edinburgh Terrier Awards 2021

Fringe Dog celebrates Fringe 2021 in the only way he knows how – with many awards and five stars

Article by fringe dog | 30 Aug 2021
  • Fringe Dog

hallo and hooray !!! i am fringe dog and i am here to announce the most prestigious winners of the edimburgh terrier awards 2021 !!!

wet nose 

o boy if there was one thing that tells you edimburgh is back it’s seeing an under-pressure comedian in tears !!! the brilliant olga koch wins this award for having a little cry before her show at monkey barrel. o boy it made me cry too out of happiness that the fringe is back !!! 5stars to super ms olga and her amazing show homecoming !!!

the best water bowl 

this goes to the heroes at the edimbrugh fire and rescue service for putting out the terrible inferno on george IV bridge !!!

the best leader of the pack

this goes to jay lafferty at gilded balloon who has more stamina than 101 dalmatians , jay is doing a full fringe run in a year of shorthaired bursts 

the best lappin tongue from a car window 

the best covid test centre go to the drive-thru at western general hospital. especially the nurse who noticed that this old dog wasn’t havin a big old pant but was actually havin’ a full blown panic attack, o boy o boy o boy !!!

the best spirit of nice happiness 

this one go to rosco mcclelland for co-hosting comedy club for kids with a dog !!! good boys available here !!!

the best doggy bag award

the best food in edimbrugh i foraged from an overturned bin in cockburn street. the cockburn residents are now lookin’ for me because they think i knocked over their bins !!! o boy, no comment, i need a lawyer, but i couldn’t watch a 5star, 5-course meal go to waste on the pavement 

best muzzle

drag queen story hour at assembly roxy was getting lots of nasty messages from people who wanted to muzzle a brilliant queen doing a children’s show. but this queen told a story anyway, besting the muzzle of prejudice !!!

the black dog award for mental health

this award goes to mark watson, who doin a great work-in-progress at pleasance . his show is all about worrying, seeing the worst in everything and passin anxiety down to the next generation of pups— o boy it the perfect set-list for a laugh-a-minute edimbrugh show !!! mark is even predicting when death will come calling !!! call me nostradogmus, because i predict mark is about to tour his best show yet !!!

!!! alert !!! those keen eyed pups amongst you might have noticed this fringe dog hasn't awarded the best super spreader or smells like mean spirit awards . the fringe is place of extra special nice happiness and being mean is no help to anydog . i will award 5* to everyone across the town !!!

see you next edimbrugh o boy o boy o boy !!!

love fringe dog