The Chris and Paul Show

Article by Barrie Morgan | 20 Aug 2011
  • The Chris and Paul Show

New York based duo Chris O'Neill and Paul Valenti arrived at the Fringe to little fanfare. However, if they maintain the quality and professionalism of their show throughout their run they're bound to leave in a blaze of accolades.

Fundamentally a sketch show with its origins in vaudeville, the pairing offer up a unique show of interesting and surprising skits that are both intelligent and hilarious. The show starts slowly but the audience instantly warm to the two Americans. Their comedic dynamic is spot on, and it shows.

The element of surprise, along with the top-class comedic acting on display, ensures each sketch evokes the desired emotions throughout. Even the audience participation was endearing as it welcomed rather than alienated. The hour itself flew by and left the modest crowd instantly wanting more.

A brilliantly thought out and expertly performed little gem. A must-see and one of the greatest sketch shows I've ever seen.

The Chris and Paul Show, Just The Tonic @ The Store (Just The White Room), Aug 12-28 (Not 16th), 20:20. Tickets from £8.