The Beta Males in...The Space Race

Review by Sarah Sharp | 08 Aug 2012
  • The Beta Males

So I might be biased because they picked me for the dance and gave me a prize. But they promptly took it away again, yet the five stars still stand. Such is the irrefutable brilliance of the Beta experience. The Space Race is, amazingly, the tale of the British Space Race, with your classic alien invasion in a small countryside village plotline. Is Professor Brilliance in fact an extraterrestrial invader? Will Derek ever leave the farm? What the hell has he been doing to Pepper the cow? Come witness the marvellous tale of earth’s salvation (or will it be…?) as it unfolds in Upper and Lower Birchley.

If they indulge in a bit of puerile humour here and there, it’s hard not to forgive them. The energy on the stage is immense: they deliver a slick snappy performance and never let the pace fall slack for a second. As a comedy quartet they are perfectly matched – and, it has to be said, remarkably bendy. Gloriously silly and endlessly entertaining, The Space Race is a showcase of sketch comedy at its best. Don’t leave town without seeing it.  



The Beta Males in...The Space Race, Pleasance Courtyard, 17.45 Until 27th Aug £10/£8