Tara Flynn: Big Noise

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 09 Aug 2011
  • Tara Flynn: Big Noise

"Imagine a wind machine!" Tara Flynn is doing a no-budget production of a big-budget concert based on her album Big Noise (which is real, you can buy it on iTunes). She regularly shouts out what we would be seeing if she could afford it, like the special effects and her backing band. It's not quite Glastonbury, but she does manage to make this small room a little more glamourous.

The songs are a bit of a mixed bag. A few, it has to be said, go on a little too long without enough jokes in them. But the good ones are great, notably the extremely funny and weird "The Fog (From The Film 'The Fog')" and a wee ditty about Weetabix-based lifeforms. There's an uncanny impersonation of Bjork and some dance moves that go from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Flynn mixes it up with some good stand-up material and she fills the room with warmth and charm. It would be great to see her with Bono's budget, but she's got charisma and you can't put a price on that.

Tara Flynn: Big Noise, Voodoo Rooms, 6-27 August (not 16th), 17:05, Free