Stuart McPherson @ Monkey Barrel

Stuart McPherson impresses with his debut hour of millennial woe

Review by James Gladdis | 07 Aug 2019
  • Stuart McPherson @ Monkey Barrel

First thing to note, the story behind the title of Stuart McPherson’s debut does not actually feature in the show at any point. Instead, McPherson provides an explanation for its absence: it was shit, and he couldn’t be bothered thinking of a new one.

This anecdote sets the tone nicely from the off, embodied by McPherson’s droll delivery and the thematic strands of absence and apathy which run throughout Mr. November.

McPherson is a highly engaging storyteller and, like any good comic, it very much feels like it’s only you in the room with him. What sets McPherson apart as a performer is there’s yet to be anyone else to explore the pain that comes with being a ‘millenial’ with quite so much accuracy and intimacy.

Material such as being told your entire life that you can achieve anything and everything, only to end up with a useless degree, a shitty job selling baked potatoes and inevitably feeling like you have zero prospects and no hope for a stable or even a happy future, aren’t topics that scream comedy gold mine. But in McPherson’s hands, they are beyond hilarious. At every turn and with every story he highlights just how absurd the existence of a millenial is, as are the expectations levelled against them. 

A slick and impressive debut for the Scottish act and So You Think You’re Funny finalist.

Stuart McPherson: Mr. NovemberMonkey Barrel Comedy (Monkey Barrel 5), until 25th Aug (not 13), 1.55pm, £5/PWYW