Steve Gribbin: Laugh At First Sight

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 08 Aug 2011

A long and eventful career in comedy is reminisced about in Steve Gribbin's Laugh At First Sight, starting with how his dad's deadpan wit inspired his interest in humour, moving through the turbulent 80s and taking in his time on BBC Radio and as a crony of people like Malcolm Hardee.

It's a pleasant enough hour and Gribbin is an affable bloke, as well as a genuinely talented musician. Gribbin and his guitar are almost a double act, as he regularly breaks away from routines to sing little snippets of songs. The nostalgia is broken up by some topical jokes, most of which are fairly toothless. it's not a good sign when the most cutting satirical gag is about Ringo Starr.

The one time the show really hits a high note is when Gribbin channels the spirit of Morrisey to sing a song about Doctor Who. It's smart, funny and stands out in a show that's generally a bit flavourless. Gribbin is a nice guy and his dad sounds like a lost comic genius, but this show fails to really catch fire.

Steve Gribbin: Laugh At First Sight, The Stand II, 5-28 August, 19:00, £8/£9