Stephen Hill and Jessica Fostekew

Article by Rebecca Gordon | 11 Aug 2009

As many Fringe stand-up gigs generally range between ill-informed wannabes and undiscovered gems, when Stephen Hill and Jessica Fostekew bound in to deliver a ‘love/hate’ inspired routine, the bar is far from set.

Fostekew leaps into focus first, zealously tripping passions and gripes off her tongue with the disorganised energy of a schoolchild. Unstructured maybe, but the So You Think You're Funny finalist manages her set with professional ease, adroitly working audience participation to aid a witty sequence of anecdotes.

Hill follows with his own shouty Stewart Lee-esque laments, although his real talent is ostensibly demonstrated when confessing a life-threatening addiction to chocolate, relating to the re-introduction of the Wispa.

If a little wooden during the scripted opening, intermittent asides reveal a jovial spark between the pair, although it’s not entirely clear why Creme Eggs v Nazi Nana is a double act at all, with no real link between comedians other than the ‘love/hate’ theme. Nevertheless, Hill and Fostekew fail to disappoint.