Spring Day: Learn How To Take A Punch

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 05 Aug 2012

Spring Day is yet another American with cerebal palsy who learned her trade as a comedian on the Japanese circuit. Yawn.

Seriously though, in terms of backstory Day is clearly the winner of the 2012 Fringe. One of the questions you immediately ask is: what kind of comedian is produced by the Japanese comedy scene? And the answer is: a very good one with some excellent observations and sharply-honed punchlines.

Day's best material is when discussing her cerebal palsy. She's got just the right amount of irreverance and quite expertly makes the audience feel comfortable about laughing at it. The jokes about Japanese politeness cover familiar ground but Day puts a new spin on them with some hilarious true stories about her attempts to teach English over there.

Today's show runs very short and Day admits that she's had to make some drastic changes as the central story of her show - getting punched in the face by her dad - had bombed during the first few shows. It'll be interesting to see how she works it out but today we're just happy to get a very strong 40-minute set from a very confident and charming comedian.

Spring Day: Learn How To Take A Punch, The Three Sister, until 26 August, 18:30, Free http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/spring-day-learn-how-to-take-a-punch-free