Sindhu Vee @ Pleasance Courtyard

Sindu Vee’s debut at the Edinburgh Fringe is a polished hour exploring the trivialities and hilarities of married life

Review by Megan Wallace | 27 Aug 2018
  • Sindhu Vee

It may be Sindhu Vee’s debut show at the Fringe, but she’s no comedy novice. The Indian comedian made waves last year after reaching the final stage of the BBC New Comedy Awards, and is currently the host of BBC Radio 4’s Comedy of the Week podcast. These experiences inform her Fringe show Sandhog where she delivers a confident and assured set, effortlessly reeling in the audience. Based around her experiences as a wife and mother of three — four, if you count the labrador — her tales of difficult parents and a stern and sensible Danish husband are highly relatable, gaining the odd nod of agreement from those assembled in the crowd.

However, while Vee sharpens familiar subject matter with a poker-faced demeanour, it'd be nice to see her branch out into less conventional material. She doesn't lose any laughs for it; although her tips on how to ‘win’ at domestic life are certainly best received by those with a spouse and children. With a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards under her belt, Vee has more than established herself at this Fringe and it'll be interesting to see how she broadens her set. 

Sindhu Vee: Sandhog, Pleasance Courtyard (The Attic), run ended

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