Simon Munnery's AGM 09

Article by Pete Myall | 11 Aug 2009

An early joke in Simon Munnery's set ends with the single word punchline, 'hypnosis' – curiously fitting for a comedian who loves to lead his audience through labyrinths of puns and clever inversions for so long that, by the time you've reached the end of a joke, the beginning isn't much more than a shadow of a memory. The effect is, in a word, hypnotic – having abandoned hope of keeping up with Munnery's wordplay, your brain settles in for the ride in a warm, fuzzy cushion of comedy, buoyed aloft by surreal humour that rarely misses. Unfortunately, Munnery being a middle-aged comedian by now, the obligatory and dull bit about raising his kids must come out, but besides that, this Fringe veteran's set sizzles.

If you're lucky, he might even take you to the pub afterwards, where he'll hold court on anything you ask him to. Try and attend if you can: he's a smart and funny raconteur who'll keep going for at least the length of the show again if you'll let him. Poster quote: Go see him!