Simon Munnery @ The Stand

A short return and long goodbye for Alan Parker Urban Warrior, the alter-ego of comedy powerhouse Simon Munnery

Review by James McColl | 22 Aug 2019
  • Simon Munnery @ The Stand

The Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour promises to be a loving tribute to the 90's character; an amalgamation of both new and old material. Moments after stepping on stage, Munnery has already formed a band with the front row. With songs, slogans and poetry, Munnery reminds us why Alan Parker is so brilliant.

Parker embodies much of the current politics of the left – this time his extreme leftist views now more commonplace. He is able to navigate the current political scene without tackling the most obvious targets. Munnery has more jokes about Margaret Thatcher than Boris Johnson. Where Munnery really shines is his commitment to the character. This is something that has only become stronger with time, with Munnery now fully immersing himself in Parker. In 2019, mainstream coverage of the Climate Rebellion is at an all-time high and Munnery has chosen a perfect time to bring the character back. Infused with punk songs, Munnery's quick wit and Parker's rightous anger, the character seems more relevant than ever.

This is a hilarious show. His new material blends with the old perfectly. Educated fans will recognise old favourites, now more like old hits than reused bits; Munnery isn’t one for throwing away his material. As for Parker, he has only gotten better with age. His shabby coat and beaten up boots now resemble the kind of man you’d find wondering around Glastonbury at 3am rather than the wide-eyed rebel of 20 years ago. He has become an act that the current climate desperately needs, which makes it all the sadder to say goodbye.

Simon Munnery: Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell TourThe Stand (Stand 1), until 26 Aug, 3.20pm, £10-12