Simon Evans: Leashed @ The Stand

Review by Elaine Reid | 20 Aug 2013

Tonight Simon dons a pair of glasses. His wife recommended he do it to show people that he does actually have eyes, not just small slits in his head. His concern is that they make it look as though he’s wearing a false nose. Evans plays to a packed Stand venue who hang on to every dryly humorous word. This man is incredibly funny and confidently commands the attention of the room in an effortless manner as he takes you inside family life in the Evans household. 

Telling tales of Hove and his family’s pets, Evans has the relaxed air of a confident gent who knows the value of investing in fine tailoring, generation-lasting shoes and doing the gardening over going to the gym. His comedy is witty, well-crafted and rich in content.

When at the end of the show he says that he’ll leave quickly as he’ll be selling CDs of last year’s show for a fiver outside, we chuckle again for a final time, then smile awkwardly as we pass him standing at the top of the stairs with a big bundle of CDs under his arm. 


Simon Evans: Leashed, The Stand, Until 25 Aug, 8.10pm, £12