Shinoxcy: There's No 'I' In Shinoxcy

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 14 Aug 2011
  • Shinoxcy: There's No 'I' In Shinoxcy

This is the kind of show you should watch in your pyjamas while eating cereal. It's like a classic piece of Saturday morning telly: a big, daft, enjoyable mess with tons of energy and a massive likeability factor.

A sketch show presented in the form of a play, the story goes that one of the Shinoxcy girls has written a play and her two friends must grudgingly support her in her mission to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe. It's a journey that will see them attempt to break into Hogwarts, repel potential rapists with funky dance moves, be attacked by Crusaders, get killed and be resurrected by Saint Peter, who is played by a fluffy unicorn.

Some bits are great, some bits are shocking, it's all quite chaotic and it's certainly never boring. What sets this apart from other half-arsed sketch shows are the girls themselves. They've attracted a sizeable audience today and they'll do pretty much anything to keep them entertained, kissing audience members and punching each other while keeping up the frantic pace of the show. Shinoxcy are irresistibly charming and make for lovely post-lunch company.

Shinoxcy: There's No 'I' In Shinoxcy, Fingers Piano Bar, Aug 6-28 (not Mondays), 2pm, Free