Shappi Khorsandi: The Distracted Activist

Review by Edward Whelan | 14 Aug 2009

Shappi Khorsandi comes out bright and cheery, beaming with joy and immediately begins chatting up the front row. She has an easy, charming stage presence which makes you like her straight away, indeed I find myself laughing a little harder than I should, like she’s a friend of mine and I want her to do well. She has a good mix of material to play with, everything from teenage ambitions of curing the world’s ills to the recent elections in Iran. The show is always kept afloat, bobbing between the domestic and the political without getting stuck on either.

However, her delivery tonight is a little muddled and good material keeps getting lost. She seems in a rush to finish, or distracted (somewhat understandably) by the heat of the small venue. Although it is a solid show, there is little that stands out and I find myself leaning back to daydream.

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