Screwed All Over Again

Article by Sarah Stewart | 23 Aug 2011
  • Screwed All Over Again

Free shows like this are what make the Fringe so much fun. These four comics bounce off one another, whipping through stacks of character-led sketches with a headspinningly quick turnaround time. A slow start with a sketch about a creepy school photographer warms up into a pop culture mash-up that takes in the second coming, X-factor and Casualty. And there’s a rap. About Primark. Strangely enough… it works. This show might go over the heads of a lot of overseas visitors – much of the humour is uniquely British – but it’s fast-paced, filthy, silly and loads of fun. It’s likely to appeal to anyone who’s grown up in the UK over the last couple of decades. 

Bannermans was so packed on our review evening that much of the audience was standing at the back, meaning it was tough for them to understand all of the visual comedy, and at times they struggled to hear everything. It says a lot about the atmosphere of this gig that the audience stuck it out, choosing to enjoy what they could rather than leaving. This lot should be in a bigger venue. Go see!


Screwed All Over Again, Bannerman's, until Aug 28, 16:15, free