Sarah Millican @ The Stand

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 11 Aug 2010

It’s amazing how quickly the audience bonds with a comedian when she admits that she’s wearing She-Ra knickers.

Bonding is what Sarah Millican does and, right from the first few self-effacing gags about her accent, weight and schooldays, everyone is feeling like Millican’s best mate. The atmosphere couldn't be chummier if the gig was taking place in her living room. Yet, the casual air hides how hard Millican is working, and how good she is at nailing a gag. Well-worn comedy topics seem refreshingly original in her hands. She loops backwards and forwards between thoughts, tying everything together and weaving audience chats about sex and biscuits into her prepared material – it’s like watching a great conductor commanding an orchestra.

With every line met with bellows of laughter, and a simple routine about Claire’s Accessories running the risk of making the audience guffaw themselves to death, it's clear that right now, Millican is at the top of her game.

The Stand, 11-29 Aug (not 15, 16), 8.20pm, run sold out