Sarah Campbell @ Laughing Horse

Review by Killian McAleese | 13 Aug 2010

27 Up may be a free show but you can’t help but feel genuinely privileged to be in the room with Sarah Campbell as she takes the audience through one charming autobiographical anecdote after another. What begins as deceptively simple banter with the audience ends up careering through everything from family to 1980s politics to sexuality, and not without a significant amount of uproarious laughter on the audience’s part.

The concept, based on the Up television series, is a reflection on Campbell’s life at regular intervals, this show being the first in her 27 years. Needless to say, a second instalment is planned for 2037. This future perspective is central to the show: expect to be asked to communicate with the future audience (which may just include you,  considering the show closes with each audience member receiving a free ticket for the sequel).

Campbell’s sharp, conversational style and story-telling bring an atmosphere of intimacy and camaraderie to the venue. At 30 minutes, the show is a little short, but has abundant freshness and charm. You won’t get many more chances to see Sarah for free. Don’t let this one pass.

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