Sarah Callaghan @ Laughing Horse, Finnegan's Wake

An interesting new direction for Sarah Callaghan

Review by Veronica Finlay | 08 Aug 2018
  • Sarah Callaghan

The Ballad of Sarah Callaghan is a mix of comedy and poetry, performed by someone who’s following their own path.

Sarah Callaghan talks a lot about gangs. Everyone from families to terrorists have one, don’t they? Through snapshots of her childhood, school, making friends and nights out with the lads, she tells her story from the beginning about trying to fit in while staying true to herself.

Curiously for a comedian, it’s when she speaks in verse that she really comes alive. Her passion shines through as she looks the audience straight in the eye and drops the mask. She knows who she is and she doesn’t play games. She’s open to groups but she doesn’t need a gang. But she would like everyone to support each other, particularly in the creative industry. There’s a sense of conflict here, between wanting to do things her way and craving support and approval, but it makes her seem more genuine.

The message in this show – be who you want to be – is not subtle, but that’s not what Sarah Callaghan is about. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea but she doesn’t seem to care and at least she is keeping it real.

Sarah Callaghan: The Ballad of Sarah Callaghan, Laughing Horse, Finnegan's Wake (The Back Room), 2-25 Aug (not 5, 12 & 19), 7.30pm, Free

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