Sara Barron @ Just the Tonic, The Tron

Not laughing during Sara Barron's hour is completely unacceptable

Review by John Stansfield | 13 Aug 2018
  • Sara Barron

At one point during her performance, Sara Barron stops the show in order to address a man in the front row who seems to be agreeing with everything she has to say about sex, relationships and the British Isles. But he won’t let his mouth do the laughing. This to Barron (and the rest of the audience) is unacceptable. This is a raucous, unapologetic hour and Sara Barron is out to get big laughs.

She isn’t one to hide her emotions and the show covers her love affair with an English man via free NHS care. The way to a woman’s heart it would appear is through her health. A new mother, delivered via the glory of our nationalised system, Barron is fully committed to her status as a parent but states her personality is not defined by her motherhood, with one particular routine punctuated beautifully with ‘and I say that as a mother’. She explains early on to an older audience member that ‘woke’ just means ‘PC' and then, in a further demonstration of her skill, spends the rest of the show expertly dancing on that line of acceptability.

Sara Barron: For Worse, Just the Tonic, The Tron, 2-26 Aug (not 13), 3:40pm, £5/PWYW

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