Sanderson Jones:

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 18 Aug 2011
  • Sanderson Jones

Sanderson Jones high-fives and greets the crowd by their first names as we walk in. He knows us all, because we've had to buy our tickets from him in person. Eye Of The Tiger is playing - you just know this will be high-energy.

And boy, is Jones high energy. His crisp blue shirt turns black with sweat as he bounces, dances and spasms through the set, rushing from joke to joke as if his life depended on it. Jones is a comic force of nature. Trying to stop laughing is like trying to stand up to a tsunami, and whether he's doing one of his Venn diagrams or playing the unforgettable game of Cockhunter, his audience receive no respite. People leave dazed, and in extreme physical pain. The human body is not designed for this amount of laughter.

Playing to an audience who have already met him is a neat device and makes this show work, although he admits that he could do more with it if he had time to get to know us better. In October, Jones will play this show in London to 500 people that he's been getting to know extremely well. Based on tonight's evidence, that could end up being the greatest event in the history of comedy.

Sanderson Jones:, Just The Tonic @ The Caves, August 5-28 (not 17th), 21:20, Tickets only available from performer, tweet him @comedysale or visit