Russell Kane @ Pleasance Courtyard

Article by Hannah Van Den Burgh | 11 Aug 2010

With Smokescreens and Castles – named to describe the barriers existing within families – Kane is back with another exciting Fringe show. Prepare to be entertained as Russell runs, skips and jumps around the stage, turning shapes until the audience is dizzy from watching him. With such great enthusiasm and high levels of excitement it's quickly clear why his act is a success.

As he tells his stories thoughts are pulled out at tangents, his brain like a small child in a candy shop, not knowing what gag to pick next. This, and his creative but fluid grasp of language leave it very hard to find fault. He has an obvious ease in storytelling, leaving absolute hysterics in his wake.


Russell Kane: Smokescreens and Castles, 12-30 Aug, Pleasance Courtyard, 9.10pm (1 hour), £12.50 (£11)