Russell Kane: Human Dressage

<strong>Edward Whelan</strong> discovers Russell Kane has nothing to do with horses and everything to do with hilarious.

Article by Edward Whelan | 16 Aug 2009

'You aren't going to get any horses,' Kane tells the posh lady on the front row tonight. 'It's about about a different kind of dressage.' He launches himself onto the stage mid-sentence and we get sixty minutes of leaping, skipping and spinning.

His comedy is based on the odd rituals and unusual behaviours of the human race, and under this umbrella he gathers a myriad of stories and observations. Unexpected threads connect his ideas, his commentary rarely stereotypical patter but sharp and clever, dancing easily between between topics, from his alcoholic grandmother to rockets firing on Palestine.

Between hyperactive declamations Kane becomes suddenly frank and self revealing, shedding his stage persona and talking earnestly, wanting to share his ideas as much as make us laugh. He has an creative mind fueling his stream of consciousness with inventive imagery and a clutterbox vocabulary. In fact, it is hard to find much fault here at all.