Rose Matafeo @ Pleasance Courtyard

Rose Matafeo's excellent character work keeps this sophomore show afloat

Review by Polly Glynn | 15 Aug 2017
  • Rose Matafeo

Rose Matafeo is perhaps the most charismatic comedian to grace the stage since Josie Long. She’s lovable and obsessed with pop culture. In her second Fringe hour, she decides she wants to break free from the “sassy best friend” box she feel she’s always put in. In the style of a John Hughes film, she divulges childhood quirks, Michael Jackson vocal ticks and having an introverted-extrovert personality.

There’s some lovely visual gags, including the “opening credits” to the show, and a nice bit of audience interaction involving a classic meet-cute. However, when Matafeo reverts to straighter stand-up, it becomes less engaging and starts to drag a little. That may be due to the subject matter – no doubt dubbed “classic female comedian” material by some – but more likely it’s down to the fact that it’s a waste for such a louder, more flamboyant comedian to be doing something so static. That doesn’t mean the show falls short on gags though: it’s still very well-written and impressive. Matafeo, however, is at her best when performing a more character-heavy set.

Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend, Pleasance Courtyard (Beside), 2-27 Aug (not 15), 9:45pm, £6-9