Rosco McClelland @ Gilded Balloon

Rosco McClelland's energy and potential is wasted in an afternoon slot

Review by John Stansfield | 07 Aug 2018
  • Rosco McClelland

Starting with some extended crowd work, it’s clear to see from the off that Rosco McClelland shouldn’t be here. It’s 2.45pm on a Saturday afternoon and the raucous stand-up rightly points out that he’d be more at home with a 10pm set due to his energy. The crowd don’t seem to be feeling it and this seems to sap McClelland a little, as if he’s a succubus that can only survive if drinking in the inebriated energy of a weekend club gig.

A natural performer, there is little to fault in his stage presence, demeanour or set ups, it’s just that when arriving at the punchlines it's somewhat of a disappointment. The show is pretty bare bones but McClelland makes for an engaging host who makes a great bond with his audience, even if he may disagree with what deserves a laugh and what doesn’t. The show feels like a 15 minute club set that has been stretched against its will to last for the hour and though McClelland does his best with what he has, it unfortunately doesn’t add up to enough.

Rosco McClelland: 29, Gilded Balloon, Teviot Row House (Turret), 1-26 Aug (not 13), 2.45pm, £6-9

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