Fringe Comedy Preview: For Robin Williams

Feature by Fred Fletch | 10 Aug 2015
  • Robin Williams

There is perhaps no greater evidence of the impact that Robin Williams' life and death has had on the comedy community than the benefit gig at The Liquid Rooms this Tuesday.

The first anniversary of Williams' passing brings together some of the most distinct and contrasting factions of live comedy to a single stage, and furthermore organisers Isabelle Adam and Dec Munro keep on adding to the line-up.

MC Nish Kumar, a cerebral stand-up known for being funny from the head and not the heart will stand shoulder to shoulder with Trygve Wakenshaw, who is a sort of super-powered physical comedian who presumably was born from an infusion of clown and gamma radiation.

There's Tony Law, a now Edinburgh resident Canadian known for performing by the seat of his pants, and those pants having been dragged off someone from the early 19th century. Conversely Alex Edelman is also there with the personification of New York neurosis: a comic who embodies and explores the hard work and stress that goes into creating comedy.

Sofie Hagen revels in the joy of being on stage and is known for her warmth and confident expression of joy in her art. Then there's Tiernan Douieb, joining the gig with unstoppable audience rapport and gags that keep running, to the extent that his material's urine is regularly tested for performance-enhancing drugs.

Finally, the tribute also sees the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS) and the Weirdos Collective on stage together for the first time. These two groups are without doubt two of the most exciting comedy factions to see live; we're not sure exactly how embittered their rivalry is, but this is an event like The Sharks and The Jets putting aside their tightly choreographed differences because deep down they all love the movie Jumanji.

All the proceeds of the night go to MIND and SAMH, which takes all this beautiful positivity and pushes it onwards beyond the stage and the audience with a selfless hope to try and make the world a better place.

There is no more fitting tribute than this.

For Robin Williams, The Liquid Rooms, 11th Aug, 11.45pm