Robin Ince & Michael Legge – Pointless Anger Righteous Ire 2

Article by Simon Fielding | 13 Aug 2011

Surely I can't be listening to the anodyne pollution of the Lighthouse Family's Lifted on repeat as I take my seat near the front of Stand 5? The fine, philosophically astute mind of Ince, counterbalanced with the more approachable presence of Legge to create a combustible hour of darting commentaries on the rage-inducing facts of the world, isn't introduced by this!

Two minutes in to what purports to be a fifteen minute introduction and Ince is ripping into all media people, the poisonous romance of the Edinburgh Festival, the nuanced writings of Schopenhauer, the ethical considerations of Peter Singer, 3D films, Transformers and atheists at Christmas. It is a dizzying intellectual tirade, with Legge providing the perfect everyman foil for Ince's vexed polemic.

The rapid-fire interactive element of the show features members of the audience contributing their own examples of horrible things, taking in Schopenhauer's views on women and a pregnant lady who was groped by louts on a train for consideration. Putting the audience suggestions into the category of 'Pointless Anger' or 'Righteous Ire', the fiery energy of the show is balanced by a pleasing symmetry. Did I mention their views on the Lighthouse Family?

Robin Ince & Michael Legge – Pointless Anger & Righteous Ire 2 Stand 5 Aug 5-28 2.35pm £7/8